The Dülmen Pony - Endangered Breed of the Year 2014

Dülmen is known far beyond the borders of Germany as the "town of the wild horses". A few kilometres west of the town Dülmen lies the home of Europe's last wild horses in the Merfelder Bruch. The herd - both adults and foals - consists of approximately 350 animals. They live free in a habitat about an area of 3.5 square kilometres. Only in extremely cold and long winter periods the horses get hay at some feeding sites. They will be uses in helping to maintain nature and the countryside. Dülmen Pony are used for Western riding and Dressage riding, driving and riding of covering long distances. A Horse for the hole Family.

But every week, at least one livestock breed disappears from our planet - forever. Every extinction represents a loss of valuable genetic diversity, of a cultural treasure that will never return. It will be a loss to nature and the countryside from the earth. The Dülmen Pony is a red-listed, endangered domesticated species in Europe, which the GEH has classified as a Category III critically endangered breed

Enjoy this years Dülmener Pony Calendar with its beautifull photography of these wonderful horses.

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